What we’re building – Skate Park





Project committee started in the spring of 2010 after the loss of our towns 3 amazing young men who lost their lives in a tragic car accident; the passion for this project is our drive.

Local fundraising started in the summer of 2010. To date we have raised $235k+ with a little over $130k coming from the FISH FRY EVENTS!!!  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

In addition, in 2017 the Skatepark was awarded a $200k grant from the PA DCNR along with a coveted $10k grant from the TONY HAWK FOUNDATION.

Barbish Contracting has graciously allocated “in-time” service work to complete the initial demo of the new proposed area along with rough grading.   What a blessing from this local company!

You will notice the proposed skatepark design below has changed from our original proposed design. This came in part to the need to re-visit the overall Community Park issue surrounding parking and the desire to keep the core parking area as free as possible for the New Pool coming in 2018.   After much research, it was determined it best to move the skatepark from its original proposed location to directly across the street from the Pool House allowing for the realignment of ball fields and the future growth of the park.

The New proposed Skatepark design comes in with an overall budget of $615k’ish. With the funds and grants already collected you can see the end is in sight and we hope to break ground no later than 2019.

Donations of all levels are welcomed and we encourage all organizations to consider doing their own fundraising for this great project.   Please visit the Sk8park’s tab on the Park website for updates and additional details to the Sk8park:  www.myzeliepark.org