About Us

Our Board of Directors

Bryan Seibel – President
Greg Cowell – Vice-President
Lois Young – Treasurer
Don Pepe – Borough Manager
Aaron Kniess
Carol Schneider
Bryan Branby
Scott Cooper
Jen Semel
Jeff Flood
Maria Heintzinger


Al Hollerman – Maintenance Manager
Chuck Durr – Assistant to the Maintenance Manager
Nancy Hoffmann – Invaluable Volunteer

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Pennsylvania Native Tree List

Park Rules
Hours: 6:00AM to Dusk. If renting a shelter; 6AM to 11PM

Please keep our park clean. Dispose of trash in receptacles.
The Rotary playground is designated for children ages 12 and under who must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Park in designated areas only; no overnight parking. Motorbikes, minibikes, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles are not permitted. Obey posted traffic regulations. Rules of the road are strictly enforced by the police.
Shelters: All persons renting shelters must abide by the shelter rental rules which are outlined on the reservation form.
Prohibited Activities: Camping, Hunting, Shooting, Trapping, possession or use of fire arms, destruction or interference of wildlife, open burning, illegal drug use, alcohol or tobacco use without permit, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, disposing of household and any other outside waste material in trash receptacles or dumpsters, unauthorized group activities.
Pets must be leashed at all times. No pets permitted on or around ball fields. You must clean up after your pet. All pet waste should be placed in designated container located at parking lot entrance.
Skateboarding is permitted in the park, but is prohibited on park equipment, park tables, playground equipment, basketball and tennis courts.

Any person/persons who vandalize park property will be fully and financially responsible for any damages.

Friends of the Park Mission Statement

The Community Park Association’s mission is to provide safe and clean recreational facilities with respect to the park’s natural resources and physical structures and infrastructure. This is accomplished by offering engaging and varied activities which promote health through physical activity and the chance to have good fun for all ages.

Park Vision

The Community Park Association does so in conjunction with the Zelienople Borough, which owns the park property and provides financial and physical support, as well as through partnership and assistance from Jackson and Lancaster Townships.