Summer is approaching fast and we are looking for help to get the new Zelie workout park built.   We are building a workout park in the Zelie Community Park with hopes of opening the summer of 2016.  We are still looking for donations to make this possible.  Any donation of $500 or more will get a permanent plaque on the bars with the donor’s name or business name.  This project’s purpose is to give our community a safe, free and friendly environment to workout outside.  The workout park will consist of different level pull up bars and dip bars which can be used for an endless number of workouts.  My name is Matt White. I am heading the project in efforts to make our community healthier and stronger.  I am a certified I.S.S.A. personal trainer who focuses in body movement.  I will be holding free classes once the park is built for the community.  Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated and every dollar goes straight to the park.  Thank you for all your help.


To donate, contact:

Matt White

Cell #:  724-561-6439


Facebook: Steel City Calisthenics

Instagram: @mattwhite_steelcitybars